Publication/Publicación- Routledge Handbook of Spanish History

Vient de paraître, chez l’éditeur Routledge, le Routledge Handbook of Spanish History dont les tomes 3 et 4 concernent les XIXe et XXe siècles. La présentation fournie par l’éditeur et la table des matières sont disponibles ci-dessous.

Acaba de publicarse en Routledge el Routledege Handbook of Spanish History, cuyos tomos 3 y 4 van sobre los siglos XIX y XX. El resumen en inglés proporcionado por la editorial así como el índice pueden leerse aquí abajo.


This handbook offers comprehensive coverage of the history of Spain, exploring key themes and events in four broad but not necessarily rigid temporal categories: medieval, early modern, nineteenth century and twentieth century.

The volume situates Spanish history firmly within the broader patterns unfolding across the European continent, emphasizing Spain’s active participation in the processes that determined the development of modern European society. With chapters from leading scholars from both Spanish and international universities, the book helps fill long-standing gaps in European history. This handbook provides original contributions on broad themes in Spanish history which are also accessible syntheses of the most recent scholarship.

Making the latest research in Spanish history more widely accessible to an international audience, The Routledge Handbook of Spanish History is an essential reference point for students and scholars of Spain, as well as those working in comparative European history.

Table des matières/Índice

Part 3: Nineteenth Century

15. Spanish Political Development 1808 to 1868

Mark Lawrence

16. Spanish Foreign Policy 1808 to 1902: From Empire to Peripheral Power

Juan Carlos Pereira Castañares

17. The Idea of the Spanish Nation, 1808 to 1898

Ferran Archiles

18. Women and Gender in Nineteenth Century Spain. A History of Their Own

Mónica Burguera López

19. Spanish Orientalism 

Angel Smith

20. Liberalism and Corruption in the Nineteenth Century: Money, Power and Connections

María Antonia Peña Guerrero

21. The Brains, the Guts, and the Numbers: Political and Ideological Conflicts in Spain (1845-1898)

Gregorio Alonso

22. Tradition and Modernity in Spanish Elections (1876-1923)

Rosa Ana Gutiérrez Lloret

23. Republicanism in Spain: The Struggle for Liberty, 1840–1931

Florencia Peyrou

24. Spain and its Colonial Wars, 1858 to 1927

Alfonso Iglesias Amorín

25. Women’s Work in Contemporary Spain (1856-1930): Myths and Experiences

Cristina Borderías

Part 4: Twentieth Century

26. The Demographic Modernisation of Spain in the Twentieth Century

Andreu Domingo and Joaquin Recaño

27. Alfonso XIII: A Reckless Driver

Francisco J. Romero Salvadó

28. Cultures of Catholicism and Secularism in Spain, 1898-1939

Julio de la Cueva

29. The Anarchist Movement 1871-1939

Danny Evans

30. Peasant Men and Women in Spain, 1900 to 1936

Teresa María Ortega López

31. Transnational Influences on the Ideology of the Spanish Right, 1920 to 1936

Steven Forti

32. The Spanish Civil War

Miguel Angel del Arco Blanco and José Luis Ledesma

33. Conservatives and the Spanish Nation (1923-1978)

Alejandro Quiroga

34. Galicia, 1916-1982: Culture, Politics and Identity

Ramon Villares

35. Political and Cultural Identities in the Basque Country, 1930-1980

Antonio Rivera

36. Catalonia 1930 to 1980: Society and Identity

Jaume Claret

37. The Spanish Anti-Liberal Right and the Question of Gender, 1931–1975

Zira Box Varela

38. What was the Franco Regime?

Carme Molinero

39. The Franco Regime and its Responses to Social Change

Antonio Cazorla-Sánchez

40.Narratives of the Rural World and the Question of Modernity in Franco’s Spain

Jean-Francois Lejeune

41. Political Cultures of the Spanish Left, 1939 to 1982

Pere Ysàs

42. Transnational Influences on Spanish Political Culture, 1960 to 1982

Paola Lo Cascio

43. The Transition to Democracy. The Creation and Crisis of a Myth

Xavier Casals Meseguer

44. The Spanish Civil War, Francoism and Historical Memory

Peter Anderson

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